FFX is a US software company focused on designing and developing leading edge applications.

Our initial product line was a series of mobile applications for target archers. We broke ground when we created Archer's Mark, a state of the art application for the iPhone/iPod Touch that accurately computed sight marks for target archers. It computes scope marks out to 110 yards, handles elevated shots to 55 degrees, up and down hill, and supports multiple shot-in marks. Archer's Mark was release in November of 2009. In January of 2010 Lancaster Archery Supply, the largest Archery Supply company in the US, signed on to sponsor continued development of Archer's Mark. Since then we've added several new features and further improved usability.

In the spring of 2010 we rolled out Archer's Excuses, a simple novelty application designed to inject a little humor into the sometimes stuff sport of archery ;)

During the summer of 2010 we opened Archer's Mark - Web up for testing for those not fortunate enough to own an iPhone/iPod Touch. This web application uses the core Archer's Mark ballistics engine, but with some additional enhancements. It is designed to run in any browser, and on any web capable smart phone. With a recent move to CDN hosting in 2015 this was taken offline temporarily.

In the fall of 2010 we're releasing Archer's Score. It was also be delivered as an in-app purchase for Archer's Mark users who are running verion 1.4 or higher.

In 2012 with the launch of Apple's eBook platform FFX delivered a series of multimedia interactive books.